Shadow Clone is an artist born from the idea of having fun and enjoying one’s self above all else. His approach is always lyrically clever, while fandom satisfying with his references and relatable instrumentals. Shadow Clone draws inspiration from music all over the world. All periods, genres, and artists have an influential role in the manifestation of the Shadow Clone sound. The content of Shadow Clone’s original material is reminiscent of popular artists such as Weird Al Yankovic, Lonely Island, and Lemon Demon. The structure and crafting of each song resembles MF Doom, Ludacris, and MC Chris among some other Rap and Hip Hop notables. The final product culminates into an all welcoming party atmosphere much like those of LMFAO or Lil Jon. With such a variety of influences, Shadow Clone is always able to produce something fresh for his listeners. Each performance is delivered with high energy, precision, and an intimacy necessary to ensnare any and every listener within an ear’s reach. The LIVE Shadow Clone Show leaves both the listener and the performer wanting more, while satisfying the palettes of the faithful and introducing newcomers to a style of music that they did not yet know they loved.

Shadow Clone, teamed up with DJ My Name Is in 2010 in Lexington KY. The DJ/Performer duo went on to release a number of geeky themed parodies like “Ultimate Showdown of Anime Destiny” and singles including “Gamer Girl” and convention favorite “What’s Your First Anime.” Eventually, with DJ My Name Is, Shadow Clone released his first solo project, the GEEK PARTY Mixtape, in September of 2013 and his second, GEEK PARTY 2, in July of 2015. Shadow Clone collaborated with several successful musicians such as Alternative Hip Hop Artist Alex Zayne, Hip Hop/Nerdcore Artist Spaceman D,  and Producer 2 Mello to make these projects a success.

Shadow Clone is on the road often for appearances and performances at a number of conventions including but not limited to KentokyoCon in Lexington KY, Pensacola Comic Con in Pensacola FL, Tsubasacon in Huntington WV, and Ohayocon in Columbus OH,as well as for many shows and gigs at traditional venues such as Top 50 Best Selling Venue Crocodile Rock Café in Allentown PA, Agora Theatre in Cleveland OH, Headliners Music Hall in Louisville KY, and HiFive Music Bar in Kyobashi Osaka Japan.

Shadow Clone’s music has fostered thousands of plays and downloads everywhere from the UK to Indonesia. Shadow Clone’s fans become his clones. They are easily spotted in crowds sporting Shadow Clone’s unique and recognizable hairstyle. The Clones, lauding Shadow Clone for his musicianship, stage presence, and devotion to his loyal fans, are quickly multiplying. Take heed because Shadow Clones are spreading like a zombie virus!