Diet, Workout, and Fitness

If you follow me on my various social media sites, you have probably seen me post progress images regarding my workouts, diet, and overall fitness. I have received questions from several people about my fitness specifics via direct message, and I’ve decided to make this post rather than answer them all individually. So here we go!


First off, as you should know, I work out regularly, 5 days of the week to be exact! My routine changes depending on my mood and specific areas of my body that I may want to isolate for greater gains or definition. Here is my current workout regiment!

Warm-up is to be done as a circuit without resting.
2 sets 20 leg swings each leg
2 sets 20 walking/standing knee to chest tucks each leg
2 sets 10 bodyweight reverse lunges each leg
2 sets 15  bodyweight squats

DAY 1  Warm up and stretch
1 minute rest between sets
SuperSet 1
4 sets of 8-10 pull-ups
4 sets of planks to failure

SuperSet 2
4 sets of 20 push-ups
4 sets of 10 dumbbell curls each arm

SuperSet 3
4 sets of 10 kettle raises each arm
4 sets of 10 Russian twists each side

DAY 2 Warm up and stretch
30 minutes HIIT cardio or 30-60 minutes cardio

DAY 3 Warm up and stretch

1 minute rest between sets

3 sets 15 burpees (Drop, push-up, up, jump knees to chest = 1)
3 sets 15 laying leg raises
3 sets 60 seconds mountain climbers
3 sets 10-12 shoulder press

DAY 4 Warm up and stretch
30 minutes HIIT cardio or 30-60 minutes cardio

DAY 5 Warm up and stretch
1 minute rest between sets
SuperSet 1
3 sets 20 sprawl to chin-ups (Drop to push-up position, up, chin-up = 1)
3 sets 10 renegade rows each arm

SuperSet 2
3 sets 10 alligator walks each side
3 sets 12 dips

SuperSet 3
3 sets 15 squat or box jumps
3 sets 6 dragon flags


Second, there’s diet. I’ve recently finished my first Whole30. I started off hating Whole30 but now I’m looking forward to starting up again. Whole30 is what it advertises itself to be, which is a lifestyle change rather than just a set of dietary restrictions for a particular result. Don’t me wrong, there is a huge list of dietary restrictions, but the goal here isn’t to lose weight or inches, but instead to change your relationship with food so that you can make better dietary choices moving forward. Click the link above if you’re interesting in doing it Whole30 and wants specifics.


Lastly, one of my personal goals is to lower my body fat. After several discussions with fitness minded friends and some research I decided to try intermittent fasting. There are different ways to do intermittent fasting so I advice clicking the link above and doing some research for yourself if you’re interested. For me, intermittent fasting consists of 2 fasting periods and 1 feasting period. I am awake for about 18 hours on most days, waking at 10AM and going to bed at 4AM. My fasting periods are from 10AM when I wake up to 4PM and from midnight to when I go to sleep at 4AM. My feasting period is from 4PM to midnight. I take in all of my calories for the day in this 8 hour window. So far the results have been pretty great!

So there you have it! If you’re interested in following along as I go on my fitness journey, hit up one of my social media pages!
If you still have questions, feel free to visit the contact or message me on social media!


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